Firehouse Studios / Jersey City, NJ

studio rental details

We include everything you need for your next photo shoot or event

Our private building provides a space that can be transformed for an event, photo shoot, workshop and more.

There are a variety of areas for staging, catering, and even lifestyle shoots (bedroom, living room, etc).

Comfort amenities include two leather couches, Alexa speakers, Wifi, full kitchen, phone chargers and more.

Production Assistance

Need help building your creative team? Finding assistants? Putting together a photographic workshop? Sourcing a DJ? Arrange catering? Feel free to reach out to learn more about how we can help make your event even smoother!


Available Photography Equipment

Firehouse Studios comes equipped with a variety of gear so you’ll never have to worry about running to the store for that last minute accessory. 

Click on each kit name to see it’s contents

Misc add-ons

Rental Packages

Photo Shoot Rental

Event Rentals

Please note: There will be a $275/per hour charge for any time overages beyond the select rental times. The additional hour will be billed 15 minutes after your designated end time.

Event Amenities

Booking Inquiry

Send us an inquiry below and one of our reps will reach out to you with additional information. Please note this form is for quotes only, you will be able to pay and finalize your booking at a later time.


Q: How does booking work?
Use the form to select your desired rental date, length of time and gear. We will review your request and get back to you within 24 hours. At this time we will provide you with an invoice to secure your booking. Please note that you will also be required to submit a certificate of insurance ($1 million) to be delivered before the shoot day.

Q: How far in advance must I book?
We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance, though booking further out will help to ensure your booking date is available. A booking may be made in as little as 24 hours if the date is not reserved.

Q: How do I pay?
A: We will send you an invoice which will allow you to pay electronically. You will be asked to pay the amount in full at the time of booking, including your selected gear kit (if applicable). You will be invoiced after the day for any overages of time, extra background use, or additional fees incurred upon the day (gear, messengers, etc).

Q: Is there a cancellation fee?
A: You may cancel with no fees up to 72 hours prior to booking. Within the 72 hour window there is a $500 cancellation fee. There are no refunds within 24 hours. You will receive your refunded fees within 7-10 days of the cancellation.